Anger Kaomoji

Anger is mostly depicted through the eyes in kaomoji. ` and ´ or and ´, which means menacing eyes, when their outer corners are raised up, and the inner ones are as low as possible. It also works the other way around – put the symbols in a reverse order and you will get an emotion of fun, as shown here: ` ´ – eyes of an angry person, ´ ` – eyes of a kind person.

You can add wrinkles to show the face contorted with anger. And if it is real rage, then you will need symbols or . Claws indicate a desire to take revenge or stand up for yourself – ψ. Middle finger is commonly used as an insult . Grinning teeth angrily is also very effective and powerful – and .

( `ε´ )ψ( ` ∇ ´ )ψ
(メ` ロ ´)(╬`益´)
(҂ `з´ )(‡▼益▼)
٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶(╬ Ò﹏Ó)
(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ( ` ω ´ )
ヽ( `д´*)ノヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
凸( ` ロ ´ )凸ψ(▼へ▼メ)~→
(ノ°益°)ノ(҂` ロ ´)凸